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Projekt OMS+

This project focuses on creation of interface between desktop application and PLC.

OMS is component based software package which serves as a heart of today’s application and hardware products. Primary purpose of OMS is to provide a clean and powerful communication interface between desktop application and industrial automation device. To give you examples, client variant of OMS is integrated into complex engineering tool TIA Portal and server variant is available in modern PLCs as S7-1500 family. Entire project is fully object-oriented and supports various object models. Components are deployable for operating systems Windows and Linux. To key functionality belong configuration of the PLCs, reading and writing of values, subscription for data updates or doing firmware updates. Last but not least, OMS provides security mechanisms to ensure that connection and modification inside device are safe. OMS is not always the part of engineering tools delivered to customers, but also plays an essential role in creation of test automation which is integrated into DevOps pipelines. 


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